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Big Ideas and Little Details: Review of The Gift of Work by Jan Johnson

My favorite thing about this book is that it combines the big picture issues (purpose of work, whole-life discipleship, making space for God) with street level ideas of what it looks like to live this everyday from 9-5. Too many books offer six tips to a perfect life with no overall purpose and framework. But this one offers those capital-T truth ideas that we don’t hear anymore: reconciling success with goodness, redefining success for the follower of Jesus, stating that God’s purpose for work is to “bring people together in loving community for mutual benefit and support.” Bill quotes from the best: Dallas Willard, C. S. Lewis, William Law, Brother Lawrence, and Frank Laubach. Yet he also gives practical insights and tells his stories (so honestly!) of bringing people together in loving community. Someone could read this and think about their job and say, “Gulp! Bill did it–so can I!” I couldn’t help myself–I began reading his stories out loud to my husband.

As a 25+ year small business owner, I know that why I conduct my business and the heart with which I do it must be all about Jesus–that’s as important or more important than the product I offer. But to hear someone describe this in a book was like hearing a song I’d been trying to hum for years.

Jan Johnson is the author of Invitation to the Jesus Life: Experiment in Christlikeness
and Enjoying the Presence of God: Discovering Intimacy With God in the Daily Rhythms of Life

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